Maintenance Training Association of America

The Maintenance Training Association of America (MTAA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004. It was established to promote uniform standards of quality for training services and products provided to professionals responsible for performing and assuring maintenance in commercial and industrial facilities and environments.

Membership and certification is elective, and open to any organization and individual with an interest in supporting, complying with and promoting MTAA's objectives.

MTAA welcomes and encourages membership from all maintenance industry training and education providers, scholastic institutions and affiliates, instructors, equipment manufacturers, maintenance service and supply companies, professional maintenance managers and workers, and allied trade industries, organizations and media.


  • Establish, adopt and recognize industry-wide accepted standards for the quality of services and products provided by the maintenance training and education industry.
  • Craft and sustain a dynamic model of quality standards for training services and products specific to the unique workplace applications, needs and challenges of the maintenance trades industry.
  • Provide a suitable forum for industry-wide discussion, oversight and advancement of maintenance industry training media, technologies and applications.
  • Certify training and education providers, services and products that comply with MTAA standards.
  • Identify and recognize those training and education providers whose curricula, content development and training methodologies comply with CEU standards.
  • Promote and encourage widespread patronage of MTTA certified training sources, services and products.
  • Provide maintenance trades professionals with topical information and reference resources in support of maintenance trades career development, the pursuit and acquisition of excellence in applied skills competence, and the critical need for heightened awareness of and regular adherence to personal safety and legal practices in the work environment.
  • Establish and maintain an industry-representative, executive MTAA body that effectively and successfully champions the common and collective vested interests of the maintenance trades training community as relates to the respective interests of the allied industries it serves, as is appropriate to engaging the legislative environment of the day, and as may impact public welfare and safety.